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​Pharaoh's Hydra Hookah Bowl Benefits

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The Pharaoh's Hydra Bowl makes smoking shisha easy again. You don't need to buy multiple bowls as the Hydra comes with traditional, funnel, and vortex clay inserts. Simply pop in whichever insert you need and you're good to go. The clay inserts included with the Hydra bowl hold about 15-20 grams of shisha. If you need to pack bigger bowls, larger inserts are available and hold between 20-25 grams. For those who prefer glass bowls, a glass insert will also be available soon.

Key benefits:

Easy to handle. Since the body is made of silicone, you don't need to worry about burning yourself when handling the bowl.

Convenient. No need for multiple bowls as the Hydra comes with 3 styles of clay inserts.

Slow heat burn of traditional clay. Maintains heat and allows for a longer session.

No flavor ghosting. Since the shisha is placed on the clay insert, you do not get flavor ghosting like standard silicone bowls.

Easy to clean. The clay inserts are easy to clean.

No grommet. Bowl will fit snug on any hookash without the need of a grommet.

Comes is 12 vibrant colors. Available now for $24.99.

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